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Fan Site: Thank you!

Someone named Numero Uno (I’m guessing that really is his name) started a fan site for me. Awww…I’m blushing.  There are links to some excellent quality videos there.

America’s Got Talent – can’t talk about it.

I’ve gotten some emails asking about my experience on America’s Got Talent, what happens next, and so forth. I really wish I could share more with you, but I’m sorry I can’t. All the contestants sign pretty extensive non-disclosure agreements. So you’ll just have to watch and see.

America’s Got Talent airing again this Sunday

Only 15 million* people watched the show. So if you were one of the many millions who need a second chance to see the season opener of America’s Got Talent tune in Sunday June 6 on NBC.

* Actually 15 million is huge ratings 😉

America’s Got Talent!

Frank Miles, juggler, entertainer, America's Got Talent

Frank Miles - America's Got Talent

I auditioned for America’s Got Talent. The show premieres Tuesday, May 31st on NBC. Don’t miss it!