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“Get a Grip” Book

Frank Miles has done the impossible. Or sort of the impossible. Okay, it was just hard, but he did it. He’s written a short and funny book that offers all the same ideas and life lessons as his keynote presentation. And he doesn’t even have to come to your home and juggle for you.

A Humorous Guide to Serious Wisdom

Based on the Stoic Handbook, written by Epictetus 2000 years ago, Get a Grip is a fast-paced, funny collection of comic essays—fifty-three in all. One for every week of the year if your year has the wrong number of weeks. These amusing stories and anecdotes demonstrate how effectively to deal with adversity, to focus on what matters, to optimize relationships, and to conquer the fears and anxieties that, left unchecked, can paralyze our progress.

Here’s what the actual academic experts with fancy letters by their names have said about Get a Grip:

“Wisdom for today’s world, with apt humour and wry wit on every page. You’ll laugh, and be a better person for it!” ~ Brad Inwood, Yale University, author of Seneca: Stoic Philosophy at Rome

Frank Miles has taken Epictetus’ Handbook and transformed it into an enlightening and amusing stand-up comedy routine.” ~ Ronald W. Pies, MD author of Everything Has Two Handles

“A a witty recap of Epictetus’s Handbook, coming from someone who actually gets it—the humor in it as well as the serious stuff.” ~ Lawrence C. Becker, Fellow of Hollins University, Kenan Prof. of Philosophy Emeritus, College of William & Mary, author of A New Stoicism“Thoroughly fun, extremely readable, and cleverly instructive. Mel Brooks would be proud of what Frank Miles has produced.” ~ William O. Stephens, Professor of Philosophy and Classical and Near Eastern Studies at Creighton University and author of Marcus Aurelius a Guide for the Perplexed

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