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Cute and Dangerous

Frank Miles Danger & Cuteness with Skunks

Frank Miles weighs baby skunks for Valley Wildlife Care

I like ’em cute and dangerous. Okay, so there’s not so much danger here, but the cute is off the charts. And while these two skunks don’t pack the same punch as a couple of half-million volt stun guns, they’re still well armed. Or tailed, I guess.

In my volunteer work for Valley Wildlife Care I sometimes handle the intake of injured or orphaned animals. These little guys lost their mom, but they’ll be bottle-fed now and well looked after.¬†Eventually they’ll be released back into their natural environment to live out their skunky little lives with the best start we could give them.

Do the skunks have a lesson in courage for us? Um, not sure. How about–fear stinks? Yeah, that’ll do.

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