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It’s All About Wazo

Frank Miles pet cockatoo

It's a Wazo-centric world. Good thing I'm Wazo.

Astronomers using the combined power of the Hubble space telescope and the world’s largest radio telescope at Arecibo, Puerto Rico have located the exact center of the universe. It’s our pet cockatoo, Wazo.

Wazo enjoys loping around his cage, singing in his own name (pronounced wah-zoh) over and over. He’s just getting the word out. And the word is–


It’s all about Wazo.

You live in a Wazo-centric world, in case you didn’t know it. Or in case you forgot since the last time Wazo pointed it out. A couple seconds ago.

Wazo, Wazo, Wazo…

I can relate to all this, because I used to be pretty sure the world revolved around me. Still am sometimes. But here’s the problem. It’s not true.

And like a wheel that’s not true, not centered properly on its axle, this idea that I’m the hub of all things makes for a bumpy ride through life. So I try to let go of the illusion that when I spin, it’s really the world going around me. Because everyone knows–

The world goes around Wazo.

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