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Frank Miles helps Valley Wildlife Care with baby birds

Young House Finch (much larger than life size)

It’s baby bird season again, and that means our house is filled once more with tweets–real tweets–from many hungry nestlings. They’ve been brought to us as part of our volunteer work for Valley Wildlife Care. And when they’re feeling famished, which is always, the noise they make collectively could drown out Armageddon.

Someone posted a question once on an Internet board for sharing bird care information. They asked–

“When a baby bird tweets, what’s it actually saying?”

The answer, which we still laugh at, was this–

“If alone in a nest, it’s saying, ‘FEED me! FEED me!’ If it’s in a nest with other siblings, it’s saying, ‘Feed ME! Feed ME!'”

It’s wonderful to be surrounded by such raucous life, but it’s not without its sadness too. Some of these little ones won’t make it, despite the best food, medicine and environment we can provide. We had to learn to accept this as part of the reality of life.

It’s fragile, it’s precious, and it won’t be ours forever. So sing out. Sing loud.

If you’re lucky, someone might even feed you!


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